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Faster Cortex-A8 16-bit Multiplies

I did a small and fun assembler SIMD optimization job the last week. The target architecture was ARMv6, but since the code will run on the iPhone I tried to keep the code fast on the Cortex-A8 as well. When … Continue reading

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C64x+ DSP MMU faults, and how to disable the MMU.

Two days ago, while testing some image processing algorithms on the DSP I got the following message for the first time: DSP MMU Error Fault! MMU_IRQSTATUS = [0x1]. Virtual DSP addr reference that generated the interrupt = [0x85000000]. Outch! I … Continue reading

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More on EDMA3 on the BeagleBoard/OMAP3530

Didn’t I mention that the EDMA3 on the OMAP3530 is identical to the EDMA3 of the DaVinci? As I found out this is not exactly true. There is a subtle but important difference: The order of the transfer-controllers has been … Continue reading

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2009/2010 Status Update

So, 2010 has arrived. Time for a little status update on my multi-effect project for the BeagleBoard. Well – I still don’t have sound output, but I have made some significant steps: I got the DSP working! That does not … Continue reading

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